VW Touareg I 7L ETS-System = Electronical Lowering System


$ 1,837.50 

ETS-System = electronical lowering system
For the front & rear axle of the VW Touareg I 7L up to 2004.
Adjustable, speed-related lowering only for cars with air suspension!
Lowering of approx. 40mm at the front & 30mm at the rear axle, additionally each axle can be independently fine-adjusted another +/- 20mm so the maximum lowering is 60mm at the front & 50mm at the rear axle.
- speed-related lowering (when driving more than 70 km/h the lowering is deactivated to get the full comfort & safety)
- the serial settings in the menue can still be chosen but each setting is lowered
- the module has a switch with which the module can be deactived in case you need the serial height.
- the module has a long wire with which the switch can be guided and installed directly in the drivers compartment for easy control access
- easy installation, takes approx. 90 minutes. The installation of the switch in the drivers compartment takes approx. 1,5 to 2 hours.
- TUEV approved
Hofele Part # HF 6681

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